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Top 3 Myths among B-school students about FMCG Marketing

Updated: May 31, 2020

I recently had the opportunity to recruit a few new FMCG marketing aspirants and hence thought it's worth sharing this. The Top 3 myths among candidates that do not transition from being an FMCG Marketing aspirant to actually getting there

1) Marketing is common sense and hence the logic and aptitude that has helped me reach a premier B school would also help me excel further. Sadly like most things fun there is both an art and a science to marketing. Example : Your creative agency presents you with two different options of communication. You like both of them equally. How do you find out which one will be preferred by consumers?

2) The Marketing frameworks are limited to Brand Positioning and communication development. Unfortunately Customer Marketing, Media Planning, Consumer Insights , Shopper Marketing are equally important aspects of Marketing that get neglected.

Example: You've made a fantastic new communication and are ready to talk about your product with consumers. How do you do that ? Should you use digital or TV or Radio or Print. These are not gut calls but based on sound research.

3) Following MadOverMarketing is sufficient to keep abreast with the Industry. Again unfortunately it's not FMCG Marketing as a function, by its nature, makes its work available in public domain. Serious candidates need to view this work from a marketers perspective. If you live these decisions vicariously then you'll never find yourself out of place once you get the opportunity.

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